McLean Small not Tysons Tall
Thank you to everyone, Community and County, who participated in the February 20, 2021 virtual Open House. The Staff presented several changes they are considering to the draft language. We are evaluating those proposals and will update our website shortly reflect those changes.

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Help Prevent Tysons Sprawl

McLean Community Business Center

Who We Are

McLean Citizens for Right Size Development is a growing coalition of Neighborhood Associations representing over 1,000 households. We are concerned with proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan for downtown McLean, Virginia (McLean CBC) that would set the stage for future high intensity development adding over 2,570 households - relative to the currently "planned" allowance, not the actual conditions - or approximately 6,000 to 8,000 new residents - forever changing the character of our community.

The Problem

Our cry of alarm over changing our suburban, community-oriented business center to a congested urban center has fallen on deaf ears. We have provided input via letters, attended Task Force meetings, and met with County Staff and Supervisor Foust with little results.

The drafting stage is coming to an end and the document will be submitted by Staff to the Fairfax County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors in early 2021 for their consideration. We need the community to speak up and express their concerns. There is strength in numbers.

The County continues to increase residential footprint while reducing community-serving uses